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Lila Coil

Master's Level Art Therapy Intern

Lila (she/her) is an art therapy intern working under the supervision of Diana Dykyj. She is working toward her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling with an emphasis in transpersonal art therapy. She has personal experience with art therapy and understands how beneficial art can be in one’s therapeutic journey as well as in life. Lila believes in supporting a client’s process through collaboration and personalized interventions that are best suited to each unique need.

Lila has a transpersonal lens in her work, which can include incorporating dreamwork, play as metaphor, meditation, or other experiences in a client’s life that feel important to the process. She has extensive experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She also recently worked at a non-profit with underserved minority adolescents who are the first generation in their family to pursue higher education or receive mental health services. These experiences provided personal fulfillment, education, and growth in advocacy for marginalized communities.


In her free time, Lila enjoys quality time with her fiancé, friends, and family. She also enjoys traveling, nature walks, painting, astrology, and will catch a yoga class every now and then.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Master of Arts Candidate, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Naropa University

Cultural Resume

•  I grew up in a small, predominantly Christian, and white town in the mountains of Colorado. The town holds many racist, homophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, and sexist beliefs.

• My privilege includes being white, cis-gendered, educated, a citizen, English-speaking, able-bodied, and having access to mental and physical healthcare.

• My grandparents and parents both struggled with money. However, my family holds many privileges, such as having white privilege, owning homes and cars, and having access to higher education.

• My ancestors were immigrants mainly from England and Northwestern Europe who settled in Pennsylvania and Missouri.

• Undiagnosed mental illness and generational parental trauma run in my family. My great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and sister were or are single mothers to this day.

• I have experienced gender-based bias and interracial relationship bias with my partner, who is half Thai and half Hawaiian Pacific Islander.

• I am continuing to unlearn internalized ableism, racism, homophobia, and fatphobia, which were negative influences in my upbringing.