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Liza Hein

Master's Level Therapy Intern

Liza (she/her) is currently a graduate student in the process of earning a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and an intern at Be and Belong Counseling. With a deep passion for health-filled connection and living, Liza desires to offer a listening ear and empathic presence to facilitate healing in the therapy context.

Before beginning her work at Be and Belong, Liza worked with children and adolescents in extra-curricular and educational settings as a classroom teacher, private music instructor, and camp counselor. In these roles, she developed a passion for walking alongside others in their processes of learning, growth, and self-discovery. 

As a therapist, Liza desires to offer encouragement and support to individuals and families from a trauma-informed, expressively engaging, and healing-centered lens. In her therapy practice, she blends expressive modalities such as play, sand tray, art, and movement with cognitive behavioral approaches, integrating principles of IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology) and attachment for a full-body healing approach. Liza is grateful to be working under the license of Abby Esquivel MSW, LCSW, RPT-S, ACS, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, the founder and clinical director of Be and Belong Counseling, as she works towards earning her LPCC in the spring of 2024.


Outside of work, Liza loves the beauty of nature and can often be found exploring a trail or park with her husband and their rescued pup, Cookie. Liza values both connection with others and quiet rest and is rejuvenated by escapes to the peaceful solitude of her porch and meaningful conversations with good friends. She enjoys yoga and many forms of dancing as well as making music and art which have informed her use of expressive modalities in the therapy room. Liza hopes to have the opportunity of working with you soon!


Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Colorado Christian University
Master of Arts Candidate, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Denver Seminary

Cultural Resume

•  I am female, heterosexual, and married.

• My paternal ancestors are Germans from Russia who immigrated to Kansas and then settled in Colorado. I am a part of the fifth generation to be brought up in Colorado. My maternal ancestors were Scotts-Irish and are spread throughout the western United States.

• I grew up in an upper middle class white family with access to many privileged resources, such as education, home ownership, and the ability to travel.

• My specific privileges include being educated, non-disabled, white, cis-hetero, English-speaking, neurotypical, a citizen, thin-bodied, and access to mental and physical healthcare.

• I experienced the influence of implicit and explicit bias growing up including sexism, racism, homophobia, and fatphobia, and I am in the process of unlearning biases and seeking opportunities to advocate for those who have been marginalized.

• Undiagnosed mental illness and addiction exists in my immediate family.

• As a student at Denver Seminary, I am both a practicing Anglican Christian and a practitioner of LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy with a deep respect for all people’s unique life experiences and spiritual journeys.