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When Your Therapist Looks Like You: The Healing Power of Racial Reflection

Sang Lintakoon, Child and Family Therapist, March 3 2023

In a field where nearly 80% of psychotherapists are White, finding a therapist of color (and specifically of one’s same race or ethnicity) can be a challenge for clients of color, which can contribute to the feeling of grief that many people of color experience in a society where the “default” setting is White. There is an unspoken understanding...

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"Am I parenting correctly?"

Jacqui Case, Child and Family Therapist, August 30 2022

Recently my husband and I were enjoying a rare quiet moment without kids around when he asked, “Do you think we are making our kid soft?” He was concerned that we are not preparing our three-year-old son for a world that can be harsh in various ways. He was scared for our son’s future and if he will be tough enough for whatever the future may bring...

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Trusting the Process: Creativity During Difficult Times

Diana Dykyj, Art Therapist, May 30 2022

There are times in our lives where words are not enough to embody and convey the depth of our experience. Words may leave us or fail entirely. These are times for art. There is no need to identify as an artist to create art. Creativity is human nature. It helps us connect with each other and make sense of our experiences on this planet. Thinking ou...

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