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Caring for the Caregiver

No more parent guilt! Raising and caring for a child is HARD and will certainly bring up our own “stuff.” You deserve to be cared for as you are caring for your child. It is our honor to support you to be the best adult for the children in your life.

Be cared for as you care for your child.

It's true. Parenting really is as hard as you think it is. Between navigating your child's big emotions to helping them make sense of the complex realities in our world today, it's no wonder you are feeling exhausted! Not to mention you have been (and still are) surviving life during a global pandemic!


Take a deep breath, dear parent. It is overwhelming to know how to do this right. There is a never-ending supply of books, podcasts, posts, and opinions with the latest hot takes on how to parent well, but we are firm believers that you are the expert to your child. The fact that you are on this page is evidence that you care deeply about your child. We see you. You are welcome here.

Special Areas of Focus



Grief, Loss, or Trauma

While we work with all types of children ages 2 years old and up, there are three areas of focus that we are especially passionate about providing care and support to children and their families for:

We've found that the key to good parenting is not in reading more books but in strengthening parent intuition. Let us free you from the pressure of trying so hard and redirect your focus to strengthening your child's attachment with you as you heal the hurts of your own inner child. As Dr. Dan Siegel says, "Making sense of life can free parents from patterns of the past that have imprisoned them in the present." 

We value and require parent involvement. Perhaps you've been to multiple child therapists before and waited in the waiting room without knowing what was happening. We want to bring you into your child's counseling process.

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What to Tell Your Kids About Therapy

Mom Lifting Baby Gaze

This often means being in the room, having regular parent meetings with your child's therapist, being open to parent trainings or groups, etc. This also means we only meet with children clients on a weekly or biweekly basis. We understand this may not be desirable for everyone and that every family has different hopes and needs, but we've found that consistency in meeting frequency and parent involvement are keys to progress in children's therapeutic work.