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Hey Kids!

All your feelings are welcome here!

Hello! Maybe you've heard about therapists, or feelings helpers, and are feeling excited and brave for your appointment, or maybe you're unsure about who we are and not really wanting to come see us. All of that is okay! We get nervous when we meet new people, too.

Our job as feelings helpers is to help kids feel safe with their big feelings and to help the grown-ups around you learn how to love and care for you even better!

We're so happy you're here!

Superhero Kids

What does the room look like?

Here are some pictures of our office when you get here! We have lots of toys, art supplies, and even a cool sandtray and swing in our therapy rooms for you to play with!

What should you expect?

It can be scary to meet new people and go somewhere new! We hope these pictures and videos will help you better understand what to expect when you come!

BeandBelong2020 9
BeandBelong2020 10

Art helps us express ourselves and find words to things we can't always find words for. You don't need to be a "good artist" to do art therapy. It is a process that reveals helpful insight for your healing journey.

Play therapy is a place that is just for kids! It is a time when you can play, talk, and be with someone who cares for you. Sometimes it will fun and sometimes it will be serious, but you get to decide!

What is play therapy?

What is art therapy?

We were kids not too long ago!

Even though we're grown-ups now, the kid in us is SO excited to meet you! Click on our photos below to learn more about what we were like when we were around your age! We can't wait to play with you soon! :)